David and Caroline Webb

Also settled in Australia at the same time with Robert and Mary Ann Webb in 1838. Their history is told in what is known as the RED BOOK  also know as Untangling the Webbs.

The families of Robert and David Webb arrived in Australia on the ship Woodbridge. Also on board was Caroline’s sister and her family; Sarah and William Baxter.

The following information was obtained from the State Archives of New South Wales.

Built: Calcutta in 1809.

Departed: Portsmouth, Cowes, England on 7th May, 1838. Arrived in Sydney, Australia, 15th September, 1838 taking 131 days.

Tonnage: 516.

Master’s Name: W. B. Dobson.

Lading: 260 emigrants and their families, 299 in all. Ports touched during the passage: Cape Simmons Bay.

Superintendent: Dr. Stewart.

Sickness Report: Dysentery affections chiefly among the children of whom 8 have died of that disease and inanition. Two women, one from dysentery and the other of inanition. (Starvation, serious emaciation due to insufficient food intake.) Prevailed within the typhus, 55 in all put on list of bowel affections, do not consider it infectious.

First voyage as a convict ship, sailed from London via the Cape with 230 males, 1 death. Arrived in Sydney with 229 males on the 26th February, 1840, taking 133 days.

A further voyage as a convict ship sailed on the 3rd September, 1843 with 204 females, no recorded deaths. 204 landed at Hobart on the 25th December, 1843. Taken from the list of Convict ships.



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